health & safety

Health & Safety

We at Gotra give the highest priority in preserving the health & safety of our clients, our people and of all in the areas we operate.
We stand committed to our key values:

  • Encouraging Environmental Protection: way we work can reduce the impact on the environment. With an objective to work in harmony with our surroundings and to provide economic benefit to local communities, our clients and suppliers.
  • Prevention of Injuries, Incidents & Occupational hazards: we firmly believe that all the injuries, incidents, and all occupational hazards are preventable and that all incident and near miss reporting and investigation are of fundamental importance in their prevention.
  • Compliance: at gotra we have defined safety, health, environmental, policies. All at Gotra are required to adhere to such corporate policies to meet the expectations and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We also aim to promote Gotra expectations across our supply chain, where possible.
  • Learning: We have programs in place that encourage learning from incidents. Although we are promoting a zero incident policy, we understand that incidents can happen, but will do all that we can to avoid their repetition.
  • Continuous Improvement & Commitment: High standards required in all areas of safety, health and environment require continuous improvement and commitment by everyone’s involvement.
  • Evaluate, Monitoring & Corrective Action: committed to encourageevaluation, monitoring and implementing of corrective actions to ensure full compliance with our corporate expectations.

Gotra maintains safety, health, environmental, policies within its corporate governance structure and aim’s for a zero incident approach: no accidents, protection of our staff and no damage to the environment.