Supplier Delivery Requirement

Recently a new circular was approved by IMO based on IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) Unified Interpretation UI SC249.

This IMO new circular recommends the process to be applied to certify that ships do not contain asbestos as per SOLAS II-1/3-5.

The process requires an asbestos-free declarations and supporting documentation as a verification methodfor all stores/spare supplies related to the structure and /or equipment mentioned in Annexure 1.  In this regard, we request you to provide an asbestos-free declaration for all such supplies being arranged for GOTRA vessels.

Below instructions are to be followed while arranging such supplies for our vessels.

  1. Each order confirmation and Invoice should mention the asbestos free declaration or there should be a separate declaration for each order being supplied. Declaration should clearly mention that all items supplied under the concerned order number are 100{d822dd429f269355c8186edc0c8c5ebe6d8ed5c1993278c5c35c05d7f962b47e} asbestos free.
  2. A copy of this declaration should accompany all future delivery/shipment documentation. Annexure 1 (attached)