GPS Compliance Letter

GOTRA is improving our internal processes that are designed to streamline payment of invoices sent to GOTRA Accounts Payable.

We seek your cooperation and advise effective 1 January, 2014 GOTRA will be implementing the following three (3) measures which will improve our service to meet our agreed payment terms.

  1. Whenever practicable, Goods/Services should only be supplied to GOTRA AFTER receipt of an official company Purchase Order. Each corresponding invoice must quote the official Purchase Order number/Vessel name and ensure ONLY the goods/services from the Purchase Order are billed.
  2. If a valid GOTRA  Purchase Order number/Vessel name is not quoted on the Invoice or if invoice details do not match Purchase Order details, GOTRA will RETURN the invoice for your further action/correction.  It will then become your responsibility to follow up with the original requestor of the Goods/Services.
  3. Invoices must only be submitted electronically as a single PDF attachment (not exceeding 2mb) to email address:

If forwarding a Credit note, the Original Purchase Order number, Invoice number and item description(s) must be quoted.

Invoices should be addressed to:

The Owner of Vessel [insert vessel name]
c/o GOTRA Trading



Please also be reminded GOTRA payment terms are 45 days from DATE of  RECEIPT of the invoice.