Environmental Markets

Gotra seeks to be a leader in the carbon market and is involved throughout the carbon value chain.

Carbon plays a central role in the convergence of world energy markets, hence carbon origination and trading complement Gotra’s portfolio of activities. We are active on all major carbon exchanges and have lines for OTC deals with many end-users, including governments, utilities and industrial concerns.

In Europe we trade nearly 10{d822dd429f269355c8186edc0c8c5ebe6d8ed5c1993278c5c35c05d7f962b47e} of the total annual carbon allocations. In North America, we trade RECs and nutrient credits that were recently introduced in Pennsylvania as a means of helping to safeguard the Chesapeake Bay environment.

Our group company MGM International is a leader in identification, validation and registration of CDM projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We employ a team of industrial engineers specialized in climate change and have developed a range of approved carbon methodologies. Our portfolio currently includes more than 150 registered CDM projects located in China, Asia, Africa and South America.