Coke & Coal

Coal is a fossil fuel and is the core energy source for countries such as India where about 70{d822dd429f269355c8186edc0c8c5ebe6d8ed5c1993278c5c35c05d7f962b47e} of India’s  coal production is used for power generation with the reminder goes to heavy industries and general consumption. With continuous increase in energy demand, India has to import more and more coal from nearby sources/countries. GOTRA is on the track for developing a strong network of coal suppliers from Indonesia which includes a group of miners and traders. Our team of specialists is working to monitor the shipments from Kalimantan to ensure regular & swift flow of resources.

Equipped with this competitive advantage over other players and with high standard in logistics arrangement, we are geared to render our services in developing the coal market in your country any time.